Back in the saddle

Well hello to those of you we work with and are friends with. Our team has taken a substantial time away from investigations and research for a variety of reasons. With that said, we are getting back in the saddle starting this Friday and will be spending 2014 doing a few things differently than we have in the past. The locations we visit, the methods we use, we're going to mix things up a little and try to stir our own imaginations and see what results we come up with. We're looking to potentially add a team member or two, but we don't have to. We're leaving it open that if we meet someone who really enhances our team, then we'll consider adding them if they would like to join. We're not looking for psychics, mediums, or the intuitive  type (not that those folks don't have a role) but looking more for creative thinkers, people who can bring new methods and strategies to the team. Someone who really thinks outside of the box in this field to come up with new angles to research. Are you one of them?