Woodhenge - Cincinnati

Ft Ancient State Park, Cincinnati, Woodhenge, Paranormal
More than 2000 years ago, what is now nicknamed "Woodhenge" was built in the Ft Ancient area of SW Ohio. Officially known as Moorehead Circle, this area has been under excavation and research since the discovery in 2005. One of the burning questions is how did natives to the area know to build such a monument or device that is eerily similar to the famed Stonehenge in the UK? Long before Europeans ever visited this area of the world, groups of people on both sides of the globe, who didn't even know the other existed, built essentially the same "technology" to determine the solstice. If that isn't crazy enough for you, then what is? The Cornerstone Paranormal team has started the process of asking for permission to research and investigate the grounds using our theories, methods and equipment to determine if any specific evidence could be found that relates to the building of this area. Surrounding this area are earthen burial mounds of the Hopewell Indians. You can read more about their ongoing research from the archaeological side of things here