Canines in the Paranormal

Sophie @ Bobby Mackeys
Have you ever investigated with a canine? You've seen Maddie from TAPS and even those lame GAC guys once. However, there is a far more thorough method in using canines that offers a whole new insight, and not just seeing if the dog barks.

We're going to go ahead and give away our secrets that differentiates ourselves. It's never before been seen on TV, and if you see it on TV after today, well it's just how this field is. No one gives you credit for being original, but then wants to try and make money off of ya.

Anyway, don't just walk your dog around on a leash and see if it barks or something. Build a harness (like we did) and put a video camera with night vision on it, put an EMF meter that beeps on it, put a voice recorder (for EVPs and to hear if the meter ever beeped) and put a 2 way radio with the mic keyed (tape or something).

Now send your dog out into the investigation area all by itself and let THEM be the investigator. Then you don't have a human's natural tendency to overreact to something, to fake something, whatever.

Then take the dog out with you while you investigate as a trigger object. Get your dog to play with a ball or something, do tricks Then offer a spirit the chance to play shake with the dog or to throw the ball for the dog to fetch. Offer to let someone pet your dog.Tell them to be nice to the dog or you'll let the dog bite them. Monitor your EMF readings, EVPs, etc during this time.

So as you see, just using the dog on a leash to see if they bark or something is only one VERY small part of how effectively you can use a canine during an investigation. We've been using dogs for years, far more than just about anyone else. They are great investigators.