Cornerstone Paranormal Flir thermal imagery
Cornerstone Paranormal Flir thermal imageryHere are a couple of photos from our thermal camera. One was taken randomly to just get a base reading of the room we were in. The other was taken because one of our investigators walked into the doorway you can see in the image and stated "wow, that was a cold spot you could really feel" so we took another snap of the image. Do you see the cold spot? In thermal imagery, you have different palette colors. Our team uses "white hot" because that is the easiest to distinguish hot/cold spots from each other. If white is hot, then the blacker it is, the colder it is. Now do you see the cold spot?

If you head over to our Facebook page you can see these images in a larger format and can interact with others about what you might be seeing. There is no trickery involved. It's just two thermal images, one taken when one of our investigators thought he experienced a cold spot, and the thermal camera verified he indeed did experience that.