2017 is coming to a close!

2017 saw Cornerstone taking quite a bit of time away from the field. For various personal reasons (surgeries, vacations, other interests, etc) we decided to sit back and lay low and only do a few locations and events of particular interest. However, now that December has rolled around, we're taking stock of things and looking forward into 2018. We've decided to grow our team and have been recruiting new team members. That is a slow process for us, as we're very picky about who we work with and how we do things. People who are thrill seekers and want to spend a few hours investigation, but not putting in the behind the scenes efforts that we require simply don't do well with us.

We've also negotiated with one of our favorite locations in Cincinnati to go back and become the "house team" again. The Heritage Village, located in Sharon Woods, is by far the most unique location your team could ever investigate. It holds 12 buildings that have been moved from their original SW Ohio location to this one place for long term historical preservation. Each building has its own story, its own unique "things" and in many cases, its own paranormal revelations. Previously, our team has investigated this location on more than 30 locations, and rarely do we not have something or another of note happen while there. There has not been a paranormal investigation of the property in more than a year, so going back to see how things are now will be interesting. In early 2018, we'll be opening the property back up for private investigations and public tours as well with our team. Stay tuned for more information!