New Research idea and method - Want to participate?

We have a new idea we want to try out. If you live in the Cincinnati area, and either of the below scenarios apply to you, please shoot us a message. This will take place sometime around August 15th-25th in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is our attempt at bringing the believers and people who experience odd phenomena and those who simply believe it is not possible together to see if we can determine the root cause for these events.
Scenario 1- You have been experiencing what you believe is paranormal activity for some time. It has affected you long term in some way (medical or mental issues, things in the home always break) or it has caused you to actually move. Maybe you had a paranormal team investigate and things got worse (we'd want to know in what way). Something along these lines

Scenario 2- You are a skeptic and/or someone in the mental health field and you believe the people in scenario 1 are misinterpreting what is going on and things are not in fact paranormal related. However, if you want to participate from this side you must be respectful and if you suggest an alternative theory, you have to have a basis. For example, you can't just say "it must've been the wind, or air flow" without knowing how the actual air flow is in the home. You can't just say "there is another explanation" but not have a reasonable one that you can go test. You MUST be willing to visit the scene (where possible) and test the theory you suggest, and be willing to accept that your theory shows to not be valid.
We want to do some research in the following manner: We meet as a group and those people in scenario 1 tell us their experiences and why they believe it is paranormal in nature. Those in scenario 2 listen and offer plausible, possible non-paranormal explanations. We then find those stories and theories that can be tested, and you join Cornerstone to go and research to see what if anything can be determined. The first meeting would be at a public library in the Cincinnati area in a private meeting room. So you must be willing/able to come to Cincinnati to meet at your own expense. There is no financial compensation or reimbursement to participate in this new method of paranormal research. 
You can email us at contact (at) cornerstoneparanormal (dot) com

2018 and the team

Our team has taken some time away from the field for various reasons. We're still here, but life and interests have been changing for all of us. With that said, some of our team visited Ft Mifflin with some folks from DC and NYC on a private investigation and had some great experiences, including actually seeing scratch marks appearing, in real time, down the arm of a female police officer (with people watching!!). Unfortunately, there was no live video running at the time, so of course this is just a story that you have to take our word for. We have a new idea that we're working on to look at the field from a different perspective. Research based, but more about the experiences and after the fact than about the experience itself. More soon!

2017 is coming to a close!

2017 saw Cornerstone taking quite a bit of time away from the field. For various personal reasons (surgeries, vacations, other interests, etc) we decided to sit back and lay low and only do a few locations and events of particular interest. However, now that December has rolled around, we're taking stock of things and looking forward into 2018. We've decided to grow our team and have been recruiting new team members. That is a slow process for us, as we're very picky about who we work with and how we do things. People who are thrill seekers and want to spend a few hours investigation, but not putting in the behind the scenes efforts that we require simply don't do well with us.

We've also negotiated with one of our favorite locations in Cincinnati to go back and become the "house team" again. The Heritage Village, located in Sharon Woods, is by far the most unique location your team could ever investigate. It holds 12 buildings that have been moved from their original SW Ohio location to this one place for long term historical preservation. Each building has its own story, its own unique "things" and in many cases, its own paranormal revelations. Previously, our team has investigated this location on more than 30 locations, and rarely do we not have something or another of note happen while there. There has not been a paranormal investigation of the property in more than a year, so going back to see how things are now will be interesting. In early 2018, we'll be opening the property back up for private investigations and public tours as well with our team. Stay tuned for more information!

Bobby Mackeys on all Hallows Eve!

Join Cornerstone Paranormal as we support Gatekeeper Paranormal at the World Famous Haunted Nightclub Bobby Mackeys in Wilder, Ky. This sold out event starts at 9pm EST tonight and will be live streamed on Facebook. Find us on Facebook and see live as use Thermal cameras and other gear to investigate Mackeys on our own, then with a public group.

Roads Hotel Recap

The team traveled over for our sixth visit to Atlanta, Indiana to investigate the Roads Hotel. So why do we go back there? It's an interesting place. History of the building is fun to research. Activity at the building isn't overly impressive, but there is something about the place. Experienced, skeptical investigators have felt such an overwhelming urge to leave, that investigations have been cut short. Ghost Box responses (of which our team generally never uses) have been interesting in the past. EVPs and some DLSR photos have certainly been interesting. Here are a couple of thermal image captured just this past weekend. What do you think they show?
 The first photo is the top of the head of one of our investigators (white is hot, black is cold) and the cold spots above her head appeared and when we asked her to move away, those spots disappeared as well. The second photo shows another investigator talking about the cold spot to his left and he was moving his arm up and down to determine how big the cold spot felt. We can see how black it is. We think we also see something else.

We haven't fully reviewed our audio to see if we captured anything there, and we may decide these images ultimately do not show anything of interest. However, we currently believe we see something in these. As good investigators, we certainly are open to finding that our initial conclusions were flawed. We'll see if we find any audio to back up our theories.

2016 Here we come!

Well the new year is upon us. Our team took some time off for the holidays and to refresh ourselves. Now with the new year (and cold weather) we're ready to get out and start investigating and experiencing what may happen. We have some plans to visit Savannah, Ga, Gettysburg, The Roads Hotel, Poastown Elementary, Octagon Hall, Sedamsville Rectory and a few other spots. We'll be road tripping and staying close to home, and we might invite some family and friends along as well.

If you're an experienced investigator near one of these locations, would like to join us, or even have good ideas on places to visit, we're happy to hear about them!