About Us

Founded in Jan 2011 by a then 11 year experienced paranormal investigator, Cornerstone Paranormal is not your typical "ghost hunting" group. Our goal is to research the world of the paranormal. We're simply going to set a very high standard so that when our evidence and methods are reviewed, they can stand the scrutiny of the light. How many other teams will allow others to scrutinize how they do their work? 

Our team is comprised of college students, older professionals in the fields of IT, Nursing, Teaching, History, Electrical and Graphical Design.

We use the standard equipment that you'd see most paranormal groups working with. We might have a few pieces that are a little more rare, but our primary tool is our minds. We use common sense, critical thinking and applied theoretical ideas to assist us in finding the answers we seek. We also employ the power of knowledge, gained through education, research and experience. We use canine investigators in our research, having found they often sense something going on around us long before we do, or even our equipment does. 

We hold our standards to a high level, and invite other groups to do the same. If you're conducting paranormal investigations, casual ghost hunts or other similar activities, we implore you to continue to seek the truth, but be wary of what you post on the Internet as "evidence", you're not only hurting your credibility, but the credibility of the field as a whole.