New Research idea and method - Want to participate?

We have a new idea we want to try out. If you live in the Cincinnati area, and either of the below scenarios apply to you, please shoot us a message. This will take place sometime around August 15th-25th in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is our attempt at bringing the believers and people who experience odd phenomena and those who simply believe it is not possible together to see if we can determine the root cause for these events.
Scenario 1- You have been experiencing what you believe is paranormal activity for some time. It has affected you long term in some way (medical or mental issues, things in the home always break) or it has caused you to actually move. Maybe you had a paranormal team investigate and things got worse (we'd want to know in what way). Something along these lines

Scenario 2- You are a skeptic and/or someone in the mental health field and you believe the people in scenario 1 are misinterpreting what is going on and things are not in fact paranormal related. However, if you want to participate from this side you must be respectful and if you suggest an alternative theory, you have to have a basis. For example, you can't just say "it must've been the wind, or air flow" without knowing how the actual air flow is in the home. You can't just say "there is another explanation" but not have a reasonable one that you can go test. You MUST be willing to visit the scene (where possible) and test the theory you suggest, and be willing to accept that your theory shows to not be valid.
We want to do some research in the following manner: We meet as a group and those people in scenario 1 tell us their experiences and why they believe it is paranormal in nature. Those in scenario 2 listen and offer plausible, possible non-paranormal explanations. We then find those stories and theories that can be tested, and you join Cornerstone to go and research to see what if anything can be determined. The first meeting would be at a public library in the Cincinnati area in a private meeting room. So you must be willing/able to come to Cincinnati to meet at your own expense. There is no financial compensation or reimbursement to participate in this new method of paranormal research. 
You can email us at contact (at) cornerstoneparanormal (dot) com